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  • Fingerprint Access Controller
  • Fingerprint Access Controller
  • Fingerprint Access Controller
Fingerprint Access ControllerFingerprint Access ControllerFingerprint Access Controller

Fingerprint Access Controller

  • Item Number:SA.-C1000FP
  • Interface:Wiegand 26
  • Power Supply:DC 9-12V < 100mA
  • Fingerprint Capacity:1000 Units
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Brief Descriptions:

PRSa is a Biometric Fingerprint Access Controller with noble and elegant appearance and extraordinary tolerance. The internal use of Atmel's MCU, sophisticated electronic circuits and excellent production technology. This product adopts the internationally leading fingerprint recognition technology, which is safe and reliable. It is an ideal choice for the application of access control in places with high requirements for access safety. It is widely used in commercial institutions, offices, factories, residential communities, etc. This product cooperates with infrared remote control keyboard and administrator password for fingerprint management. Support fingerprint to open the door or ID card to open the door, the operation is simple and convenient.

Technical Parameters:

Power Supply:DC 9-12V < 100mA
Read Card Distance:0-60mm
Fingerprint Capacity:1000 Units
Read Card Style:Fingerprint , EM Card
Output signal:Wiegand 26 and can work as stand alone unit


Antimagnetic: can prevent unlocking with strong magnets
Large user capacity: 1000 fingerprint users and 2000 card users
Can be used as a card reader: Can be used as a card reader with Wiegand 26 output
External card reader: external EM/IC/HID Wiegand 26 card reader
Double door interlock: double machine networking to achieve interlock function

The Fingerprinter for access control uses human biometric fingerprints for identity security identification, and has the characteristics of irreplaceability, non-copying and uniqueness.
The fingerprint access control machine replaces the traditional key with a finger. When using it, you only need to place your finger on the collection window of the fingerprint collector to complete the unlocking task. The operation is very simple and avoids other access control systems (traditional mechanical locks, password locks, Identification cards, etc.) may be forged, stolen, forgotten, deciphered, etc.

Install Examples:

1. Drill holes according to the size of the positioning holes of the rear cover at the predetermined installation position.
2. Use the expansion rubber plugs and screws in the accessory bag to fix the back cover on the wall.
3. Lead the lead wires from the outlet hole of the back cover, connect the wires correctly according to the wiring diagram, and wrap the unused wires with insulating glue.
4. Put the front cover on, and then use a special screwdriver and screws to fix the front and rear covers together.

Wiring Diagram;

1. External card reader
This Fingerprinter for access control machine is equipped with a built-in EM card reader, and it can also be connected with Wiegand 26 card readers such as EM, IC, HID, etc. The usage is the same as the built-in card reader. When adding a card, the EM card can be operated either locally or on an external card reader. Other types of cards must be read on the corresponding external card reader.

External card reader For fingerprinter

2 Double door interlock
The wiring is shown in Figure 2. Each of the two doors is equipped with a controller to drive two electric locks respectively. The meaning of interlocking is that when any door is opened, the other door is forcibly locked, only when the door is closed After that, another door can be opened. The interlock function is mainly used in places with high security such as banks and prisons.

fingerprinter wiring diagram


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