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Tripod Turnstile

  • Tripod motorized 2-bolt turnstile
  • Tripod motorized 2-bolt turnstile
  • Tripod motorized 2-bolt turnstile
Tripod motorized 2-bolt turnstileTripod motorized 2-bolt turnstileTripod motorized 2-bolt turnstile

Tripod motorized 2-bolt turnstile

  • Item Number:TT102-Vertical
  • Size:980*420*450mm
  • Power Supply:110/230v
  • Type:Vertical
  • Product description: We're professionalTripod motorized 2-bolt turnstile manufacturers and suppliers in China, We warmly welcome you to wholesale bulk Tripod motorized 2-bolt turnstile in stock from our factory. For price

Features of Tripod-motorized-2-bolt-turnstile
◆The Tripod-motorized-2-bolt-turnstile has 1 year free warranty and lifetime maintenance.
◆Waterproof, sunscreen, cold and high temperature resistance.
◆The design of the movement is reasonable and reliable, with low noise, stable operation and long service life.
◆It has the function of power-off and rod-dropping, and a remote control can be added for rod-dropping control, which is convenient for management and handling of emergencies.
◆With direction prompt LED lights.
◆The function of "with memory" or without "memory" can be set (when set to "with memory", it can be used for occasions where there are too many people in the scenic spot to swipe the group ticket once). ◆With automatic reset function, that is, after obtaining the gate permission, the three-roll gate automatically cancels the current permission and restores to the locked state if there is no gate within the set time.
◆With a personalized installation interface, compatible with various smart cards such as IC and ID cards.
◆It has a unified and standard external electrical interface, which can be freely connected with various reading and writing equipment, which is convenient for system integration.
◆It can be expanded into an automatic identification system to realize functions such as access control, attendance, and charging.
◆On-site adjustment of the external power supply AC110V/220V for the three roller gate equipment.
◆With fault self-check and alarm prompt function, it is convenient for users to maintain and use.
◆ Equipped with a standard card reading window, which can be connected with an external switch button and remote control, to achieve single and two-way control.
◆With anti-tailing function, it can rotate 120 degrees by one person and lock automatically.
◆With anti-shock function, the brake lever will be automatically locked when the gate opening signal is not received.
◆The remote control and management can be realized through the management computer. (Need to be customized)
◆The control board can be connected with counting functions (forward plus, superimposition, reverse minus and other functions). (Need to be customized)
Technical parameters of tripod-motorized-2-bolt-turnstile
◇Composition of turnstile: chassis, movement, control board and power supply
◇Turn gate technology: bending, cutting, welding, polishing, grinding, etc.
◇Dimensions: length×width×height=1200×280×980(mm)
◇Channel width: less than 600MM (maximum channel width 1200MM)
◇Length of brake lever: case 500MM
◇Weight: about 60Kg
◇Brake lever steering: one-way, two-way (optional)
◇Working driving force of brake lever: 3KG
◇Maximum bearing capacity of brake lever: 80KG
◇Passing mode: 1. Set one-way traffic in any direction; 2. Two-way free traffic; 3. Two-way prohibition;
◇Anti-reverse: with anti-reverse function to ensure one card for one person
◇Light reminder: high-brightness traffic status indication
◇Working environment: indoor and outdoor (recommended to be equipped with rain shed)
◇Power supply voltage: input AC220V±10%, output DC24V, DC12V
◇Working core: 12V/20W DC motor
◇Ambient temperature: -15℃~70℃, relative humidity 5%-95%, non-condensing
◇Input interface: +12V level signal or DC12V pulse signal with pulse width>100ms, drive current>10mA
◇Motor power: DC motor 100W/24V
◇Relative humidity: less than 95% (no condensation)
◇Support card reader: barcode, ID/IC card, RFID card, second-generation ID card
◇Electromagnet drive: more than 3 million electromagnet operation tests
◇Waterproof rating: IP44;
◇Opening time: 0.2 seconds;
◇Passing speed: 40 people/minute;
◇Communication interface: RS485 (distance ≤1200 meters) or TCP/IP (optional);
◇Function: swiping card, free passage, button control passage, automatic induction passage, software control passage, etc.; (optional)
◇Control mode: semi-automatic, manual, fully automatic
We specialize in the production ofTripod-motorized-2-bolt-turnstile, a large supply of three-roll gates, the performance of the three-roll gates is stable, the three-roll gates are cost-effective, and the Tripod-motorized-2-bolt-turnstile are easy to realize
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