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  •  Turnstile Gate System
 Turnstile Gate System

Turnstile Gate System

  • Turnstile Gate System Factory
  • Place:Foshan City
  • Found:2010
  • Product description: Our Foshan factory is mainly manufacturing various turnstile gate with OEM and ODM service

Foshan Factory:

Our turnstile gate system production line including of  tripod turnstile , wing turnstile,swing turnstile , sliding gate, speed gate and is located in zhongshan city with about 100 well trainned skill wokers and 2 workshops cover ranges of 6000 square meter and enjoy the convenience global logistic trnspartation for it is 50 kilometers away from guangzhou city

Manufacturing Process:

We have 3 units of full automatic laser cutting machine and 10 units of bending machine and about 100
well trainned Skillerd workers to provide the available OEM,ODM service


1、Compatible with IC/ID,Magnetic card ,Barcode ,ESD and various Device
2、Brake rod stable runing without noisy voice and fast open
3、Comply with fire alrm function with emmergency power off function
4、Control chip board with memory and accounting function(Option)
5、Standard input and output interface for acce ss control solutions


Use Example:

With the advantage of intergration with enterprise attendance, traffic management, public security maintenance,
corporate image shaping, etc so that our turnstile gate is widly been used in high-traffic rail transit, commercial
buildings, enterprises and institutions, factories, goverment etc.


Our Turnstile gate is comply with ISO9001 standards and out turnstile gate is quality for CE, FC, Rohs

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