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Tripod Turnstile

  • Turnstile tripod with QR barcode access
  • Turnstile tripod with QR barcode access
  • Turnstile tripod with QR barcode access
  • Turnstile tripod with QR barcode access
Turnstile tripod with QR barcode access Turnstile tripod with QR barcode access Turnstile tripod with QR barcode access Turnstile tripod with QR barcode access

Turnstile tripod with QR barcode access

  • Item Number:TT101-Octangle
  • Power Supply:110/230V
  • Working Voltage: 24VDC
  • Type:Arched
  • Product description: We're professional Turnstile tripod with QR barcode access manufacturers and suppliers in China, We warmly welcome you to wholesale bulk from our factory. For pricelist, contact us now.


The Our Turnstile tripod with QR barcode access  is conclude of tripod turnstile gate and bar code  stand alone unit access controller and also AD Series Bar Code ,Web Remote Controller.

The development trend of three roller gates is internationalization, intelligence and maturity. At the same time, the development trend of mobile phone QR code ticket recognition technology has become a special identification tool in the three-roller gate products. Discounts and promotions are carried out in many scenic spots, movie theaters, swimming pools, gyms and entertainment venues, and mobile QR code tickets are used. Identification technology. Additional code identifying the ticket. Gates can effectively reduce the phenomenon of tourists queuing to buy tickets. If visitors order the company's products online, they can only send a QR code to their mobile phone. During use, visitors can only recognize the QR code by scanning the QR code of the mobile phone onto the gate scanner. If the QR code is correct, visitors can pass the QR code.

bar code tripod

Technical Parameters Of tripod turnstile

1.Size: 1200x280x980mm

2.Unlock Time: 0.2s
3.Entrance Speed: ≤35 people/min
4.Entrance Width:≤550mm
5.Input Voltage: 110--220VAC,50HZ
6.Enviroment Temperature:  -25℃--65℃
8.Service Life: ≥5 million times
9.Material:304 Stainless steel

Technical Parameters Of Barcode Reader

Power Supply:DC 9-12V < 100mA
Read Type:Paper barcode, Screen Barcode, IC card.
USB Virtual Keypad.
Interface:RS232,RS485,USB,Wiegand 26/ 34,RJ45

Technical Parameters Of  Access controller
Power Box Size:273mm*228mm*65mm
Communication Model:TCP/IP
Power Supply:12VDC 4-7A
Reader Input Format:Wiegand26-40
Card Capacity:40,000 Units
Record Capacity:100,000 Units
Database available:Access,SQL2008 ,compatible with SQL2000,SQL2005
Integrated functions of remote access,interlock,anti-pass,multi-card.,ect
Support Video interliked to take screen shoot (Hivision Camera,4G,Bar Code  ect.,
Features: Integrated application of access gates, integrated electronic tickets, access control and attendance, club consumption/catering, anti-static, fingerprints, palm prints, face recognition, iris recognition and other products

All stainless steel frame structure, Taibang Motor, independent research and development and production of movement;
One-way/two-way opening/swiping and lever-off button is optional, with counting function, it can realize RS485 direct communication with computer;
Switch on prompt and direction, alarm prompt; power-off automatic lever drop manual lever drop is optional, receive the switch signal to open the gate;
It can be equipped with self-equipped card reading control part, and multiple units can be connected to the network; optional combination of magnetic card and induction card;
Can be customized according to different functional requirements.
hrough software setting, the total number of personnel inside the place can be limited to meet the special needs of


Our standard package is by carton and we have option for doing the wooden case package to avoid the
transportation package

Install examples:

bar code tripod install example

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