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  • Barcode Access Controller
  • Barcode Access Controller
Barcode Access Controller Barcode Access Controller

Barcode Access Controller

  • Option:1,2,4 doors
  • App remote control
  • Barcode access
  • Video Linkage
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Single Door Access Cotnrol

Double Door Access Control

Four Door Access Control

Model No.







Function Description

Control 1 Door and 2 card readers:One reader for enter , the other for exit,One button for exit

Control 2 doors and four card readers :Two readers for enter ,the other two for exit;Two Exit button

Control 4 doors and 4 card readers ,four readers for enter ,four exit button

Basic Function

40,000 users

100,000 offline event buffers storage

Real-time uploading the Individual popedom revision

real-time monitoring and photo displays

large screen displays the latest

1-5 card swiping information and photos

multi-level dept

and team set

offline operation

Expanded functions:

255 time profiles management

Compell to lock and unlock

Remote unlocking

Anti-pass back and anti-tail


Super passwo

Unlock by manually input card number+password

First card unlocking software remote open

First card unlocking software remote open

mufti-card open

Normal open and normal closing at certain time

Limited card swiping times management

Record unlocking by button record door
open/close events

operation report

administrator management

normal, shift work and time attendance administration

Functions with connecting  AC-WIFI expansion panel

fire alarm and emergency unlocking

Linkage output

Theft deterrence and alarm

The following functions connected AC-WIFI expansion panel : can drive hardware(alarm siren, alarm light) to alarm, otherwise can only alarm on software interface or drive computer speaker to alarm.

Alarm for long time unlocking

Alarm for illegal break in

Alarm for invalid card swiping

Intimidation alarm

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