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About Us

ShenZhen Sintronic Technology Company Limited are the logistics and development center of a group of 2 factories and 8 manufacturing departments established in the year of 1999 and providing high quality production services of access and security solutions in china and we are able to provide technical assistance during any stage of your product development, helping to turn your idea into a commercial product by with our 23 years over experience in the manufacturing industry which we can bring to the table a wide range of capabilities, including: Design Optimization & Value Engineering,Material Selection,Responsive Customer Service ,Quality manufacturing with timely delivery Engineering,however,as we grew and evolved along the years, its 3 foundation stones were kept in place:uncompromised quality, excellent customer service, and cost-effectiveness that these stones underlie everything we do and will continue as we continue to grow and develop.
Our Cultures

We focus on the living status and welfare for our staff and we are a family member to grow together.
Every each season we held the outdoor team activities or  open the indoor leisure room  for our members to  relax from the busy daily work  and trainning them to work well in team cooperation and be passionable to client,s order with highly responsibility.

To lead the Security solution for common use.
To better the world by superiorly innovative and eco-friendly Products.
Core Values:
Responsibility,Honesty, Gratitude, Professionalism
Slogan:Make the security easy to the society public
Continued improve, provides high quality products with exceed all the customers’ expectations
Our Development History and Partners
*1999,The First factory manufacture line was setted up and mainly OEM for the domestic brand company and
Trading company to international market
Our Partners

*2018, Our product distributed to 6 continents and 95 countries.
*2020, Our product distributed to 6 continents and 120 countries.

Oue Service:
We offer professional pre sale and after sales service for help our client to take the most competitive solutions to the project
Usually we do by video and teamviewer guidance.



Contact: Timwu

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Tel: +86-13040886345


Add: 201,Plaza A,Qianwan 1st Rd,Nanshan,Shenzhen City,Guangdong Province,China

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