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Handheld Metal Detector

  • Handheld Metal detector
  • Handheld Metal detector
Handheld Metal detectorHandheld Metal detector

Handheld Metal detector

  • Work Enviroment:-5℃ + 55℃
  • Detect Distance:1-12cm
  • Controls : Power switch
  • Detect Material:≥ 30-150mm metal
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Product Descriptions:

Our Handheld Metal detector for security check  is all made of high-quality components, with high detection accuracy, simple operation, light and beautiful appearance, clear and loud sound, and has the function of turning on and detecting warning lights and automatic sound and light conversion. It is suitable for safety inspection in public places or factories with extremely high detection sensitivity requirements, airports, public security, border defense, courts, prisons, stadiums, exhibition venues, entertainment venues, stations and docks; precious metal manufacturing and processing enterprises such as: jewelry , Electronic, hardware, automobile and other enterprises anti-theft inspection.

Technical Parameters:

Power Supply:External charging interface or 9Vfold battery (Battery is optional accessory)
Work Current:<50 mA.
Work Enviroment:-5℃ + 55℃
Detect Distance:1-12cm
Alarm Indication:Audio  and Vibration and LED indication Light
Detect Material:≥ 10-150mm metal

1. Simple operation, equipped with leather case, convenient to carry.
2. Commonly known as "plate type" detector, it has a large scanning area to prevent false negatives.
3. With charging function, there are direct charging and cradle charging options.
4. When the voltage is not enough, the indicator light does not light up or a value alarms.
5. There are dual options of sound and light and vibration alarm functions.
6. It can be switched by the automatic reset function switch under the undetermined demand occasion, so as to realize the elimination of small items.
7. The user can flexibly adjust the high bottom of the sensitivity according to the security check.

Advantages handheld meta detector
Installment examples:

1. Security inspection: areas where public security, security, courts, prisons, gyms, etc. need to prevent guns and knives from being carried
2. Factory anti-theft: chemical, mining, electronic factory, hardware factory, plastic product factory and other places that need anti-theft
3. Education system: Cheating tools for college entrance examinations, high school entrance examinations, and civil service examinations (mobile phones, electronic dictionaries, MP3, MP4, U disks, etc.)


1 pcs packed in one inner carton ,50pcs per master carton


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