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  • Turnstile Gate System
  • Turnstile Gate System
Turnstile Gate SystemTurnstile Gate SystemTurnstile Gate System

Turnstile Gate System

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  • 2009
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Turnstile gate department

Sintronictech turnstile gate department is found in 2009 

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Manufacturing flow

Why turnstile gate access control system is needed
Our turnstile gate provides a physical security barrier to control the access of the place where commercial buildings or attract a large number of tourists.
The security turnstile gate is available in different forms. They are a mechanical door that allows a person to enter once and at the door to prevent the tail from closing.
The turnstile gate and access control obstacles enable the security team to provide access to authorized users, while minimizing the risk of unauthorized invasion to the greatest extent. In the commercial building, the safe rotation door gate allows only employees or visitors with valid credentials. In large places, such as stadiums or railway stations, pedestrian safety turnstile gate only allow customers who have effective tickets to enter the switching grid door through access.

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