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Inspection Mirrior

  • Vehicle Bottom Inspection Mirror
  • Vehicle Bottom Inspection Mirror
  • Vehicle Bottom Inspection Mirror
  • Vehicle Bottom Inspection Mirror
Vehicle Bottom Inspection MirrorVehicle Bottom Inspection MirrorVehicle Bottom Inspection MirrorVehicle Bottom Inspection Mirror

Vehicle Bottom Inspection Mirror

  • Item Number: IM Series
  • Mirror Size:Diameter 30CM凸 mirror
  • Extension Range:550-1100mm
  • Length :120-140CM
  • Product description: We're professional Vehicle Bottom Inspection Mirror manufacturers and suppliers in China, We warmly welcome you to wholesale in stock here from our factory.For pricelist, contact us now.

Product Descriptions:

Our Vehicle Bottom Inspection Mirror is a special equipment for the safety inspection of large-scale event parking lot vehicles. The adjustable light source can enhance the visual brightness. The mirror surface is relatively tough and not easy to damage.

Technical Parameters:

Mirror Size:Diameter 30CM凸 mirror
Length :120-140CM
Extension Range:550-1100mm
Optical:9 Units LED Light
Net weight:1.6KG  Gross Weight:2.42KG
Packed Size:86*29*33CM(4pcs/carton,8.5KG/ carton)

●Commonly used products for parking lot safety inspection.
●Light weight, strong, beautiful, adjustable light source.
●Mirror size: 27X34cm acrylic high-strength shatterproof mirror.

Mirror: 30 cm high-strength acrylic mirror with high-strength anti-shatter, convex 2x magnification effect, 1/2 the weight of ordinary glass mirrors of the same size, with certain toughness, not easy to break, safe and durable, and brightness the same as glass mirrors. The hard rubber bottom and surround can effectively prevent damage to the mirror caused by collision.
Grip: T-shaped retractable rod, 180-degree front and rear flip joint design, can reach the detected vehicle and objects to the maximum, double-ball shrapnel for safe positioning, high-quality metal structure and multiple high-strength processing, light weight, strong and beautiful . The surface is treated with outdoor paint in a dust-free workshop, which will not fade after long-term use, has no peculiar smell, and is harmless to the human body. Equipped with black foam cotton handle, good grip, suitable for long time operation
Light source: fluorescent lamp and LED light source are optional. Fluorescent lamps have the characteristics of natural and soft light source; LED lamps have the characteristics of long life, high brightness and waterproof, and can be detached as working lights. Customers can choose the right light source according to their own characteristics. Fluorescent lamp models cannot be used in wet and rainy conditions
Power supply: Built-in lithium battery, 1-2 hours charging for 5-6 hours operation. Economical, convenient and practical. Comes with a standard power adapter
Carrying: Our product can be folded with the pull rod, and one person can carry it away after being fixed. It can be equipped with a portable bag, which can be disassembled and stored without use. The overall materials are in line with Rhos process standards, suitable for export to other countries



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