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Parking Ticketing System Tips

Classification and function introduction of parking lot boom barrier gate

Although the boom barrier gate is only a small part of the parking lot system, it is the most important part of the parking lot system. Therefore, when purchasing a parking lot gate, you must make a decision according to the site conditions and the use environment. The following is the parking lot gate A brief introduction to some of the types and functions.

The gate is mainly composed of a motor, a reduction box, a transmission mechanism, a balance device, a chassis, a gate rod bracket, and a gate rod. According to the type of railings, the parking lot barriers can be divided into curved bar barriers, straight bar barriers, and fence barriers; according to the time of the landing bar, we can roughly divide them into fast barriers, medium-speed barriers, and slow-speed barriers. ; According to its installation direction, it can be divided into left-hand gate, right-hand gate and so on.

The gate is mainly composed of the following functions in the parking lot system. First, the manual button can be used for lifting, lowering and stopping operations, and the wireless remote control can be used for lifting, lowering, stopping and the manual button locking and unlocking operations; Second, In the case of power failure, the gate can be automatically unlocked, and the lever can be lifted manually after the power failure; 3. It has a self-check mode that is convenient for maintenance and debugging.

Now with the development of technology and the increasing number of cars, the demand for road barriers is also increasing, and the performance requirements for road barriers are also getting higher and higher. For example, the movement of the gate is integrated, and the lever can be quickly raised manually after a power failure. The most important point is that due to the frequent occurrence of car smashing accidents in the parking lot recently, the gate must have multiple anti-smashing functions. Nowadays, many users do not understand some functions of the barrier, so they just try to improve the speed of vehicles in the parking lot, and require the supplier to install the fast barrier, and the installation of the fast barrier is determined according to the length of the lever and the site environment. , so we can't just pursue the traffic speed of the vehicle and ignore some safety issues.


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