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Parking Ticketing System Tips

What are the boom barrier gates for parking ticking system

The classification of parking lot barriers is generally divided according to the shape of the barriers, which is more intuitive. At present, the parking lot system adopts automation technology, so the current gates are all electric, and electric gates can be divided into self-flow motor gates, AC motor gates, and servo motor gates according to different motors. Among them, the electric gate system of the servo motor is relatively accurate. The servo motor accepts the digital pulse signal to complete the action. This type of electric gate is also called the digital automatic gate, which is mainly used in high-end parking lot systems. Gates are of this type.

What are the railings of the parking lot Boom gate barriers?

1.Straight pole gate, the railing of this type of gate is a straight pole, which is a direct railing, which is generally about 4 to 6 meters long, and is widely used.

2.Curved bar gate, the railing of the gate is made up of 2 parts of the railings connected by mechanical components, the highly flexible curved bar mechanism, all use self-lubricating rolling bearings or joint bearings at the rotation, no wear, no noise. The transmission mechanism makes the brake lever start from slow to fast and stop from fast to slow, which can effectively reduce the vibration of the brake lever, reduce the load of the motor, and greatly prolong the service life of the motor and mechanical parts, and the distance is within 5 meters.

3.The fence gate, the gate of the gate has a beautiful appearance, a strong three-dimensional sense, does not occupy space, can self-adjust and self-optimize, especially suitable for expressway toll stations and parking management systems. safer. The straight railing in the middle is composed of multiple square fences as the main pole, which covers a larger area. There are two fences and three fences. Due to the large number of railings, the center of gravity of the railing has to enter from the gate, so this type of gate fence is generally 4.5 meters.

The above are the parking lot railings that we usually see up and down. Interested friends can refer to the parking lot barrier product system of Sintronic Intelligent Control for more detailed technical parameters and specifications.


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