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Parking Ticketing System Tips

What are the parking cards of the parking system?

The parking ticketing system belongs to the entrance and exit control system. In the security industry, it belongs to the category of access control card, which is to realize intelligent entry and exit through the card, which is convenient and efficient. So what magical cards are used by the intelligent parking lot system to achieve intelligent automatic passage, let's sort out the parking lot cards for you.

Taking the smart card parking lot management system as an example, the parking lot system supports EM cards, IC cards, Bluetooth cards, and 2.4G long-distance cards. As the name suggests, a parking card is a smart card used in the parking lot to record vehicle entry and exit and charges. At present, IC cards and ID cards are the more common and mature card types in the use of parking cards. What kind of card is used in the parking lot mainly depends on the types of cards supported by the parking lot card reader, which is mainly used for short-distance parking lots. Bluetooth card, 2.4G card is mainly used for medium and long-distance parking system, no need to swipe card, long-distance automatic identification, very convenient, a lot of fixed truck owners, to the owners of the property community.

The IC card is more powerful than the ID card. The IC card can record and write data. When the IC card is used, it must first pass the unique two-way key authentication between the IC card and the reading and writing device, and then the relevant work can be carried out. The system has extremely high security. The ID card is only a record card, which plays the role of authorization.

The EM card is a non-contact RFID radio frequency chip with a read/write function and an operating frequency of 100kHz~150kHz, which is launched by EM Microelectronics. It can provide a variety of data transmission rates and data encoding methods with low power consumption. Since the RF chip is not only compatible with ISO 11784/11785 standards, but also ISO FDX/B animal identification standards, the RF chip can be widely used in various application management systems, especially animal identification and tracking management.


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