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Parking Ticketing System Tips

How do parking ticketing system work

This guidance page will look at the parking ticketing system impacts, features, working principe,functions future and where they can be used
We will cover
1. parking ticketing system brief introduction
2.Working Principle of parking ticketing system
3.Function and Features of parking ticketing system

4. parking ticketing system future innovation technology

What is parking ticketing system?

The parking ticketing system adopts a non-contact smart card, and a set of entrance and exit management equipment is installed at the entrance and exit of the parking lot, so that the parking lot forms a relatively closed place. When entering and leaving the car, you only need to shake the IC card in front of the card reader box. It can complete inspection, recording, accounting, charging and other work in an instant. Both the owner of the vehicle entering the car park and the manager of the parking lot hold a smart card of their own. As a personal identification, only the smart card approved by the system inspection can be operated (management card) or enter and exit (parking card), which fully guarantees the system The safety and confidentiality of the vehicle can be effectively prevented from being stolen, and the owner's worries can be relieved.

Functions of parking ticketing system.

①. With monthly card, hourly card, management card, free card and other card types management authority, according to the requirements set to charge or no charge;
car park system card issuer
car park system card issuer
②. According to the needs of users, different charging standards can be set to meet different parking fees for different vehicles;
③. It can be used offline or online, and the travel information can be recorded in any situation. When the network is disconnected and the offline state is turned off, the system is running normally, the network is connected, and the data is automatically restored;
④. The system does not completely rely on the management computer to run, which greatly improves the reliability and stability of the system operation;
⑤The system is equipped with pressure wave detection and vehicle detector double anti-smashing car functions to avoid the occurrence of tailgating injuries;
Auto pick-up function
The automatic card taking machine is used to automatically spit out cards, which can control one vehicle and one card (200 cards can be installed) to realize unattended management of admission; when the exiting vehicle is pressed on the ground sensing coil, the vehicle sensor is triggered and starts at the same time. Antenna works. The monthly truck host card is within the range of 10CM of the antenna. When the card is presented, the antenna can read the card data, send the data to the induction processing module, and then transmit it to the computer for processing.
Charge display function
Adopt LED electronic display screen in Chinese and English: display the time of appearance, the amount charged, the balance in the card, the validity period of the card, the parking space is full or inserted, and the relevant information of the parking lot, so that the administrator and the owner can understand the relevant information;
Voice prompt function
The normal operation can prompt the card reading, charge amount, validity period and other related information, and humanized prompts such as misuse or illegal operation
Intercom function
Install the intercom host in the management center, and install the intercom extension at each entrance and exit, to ensure that each entrance and exit and the management center get in touch in time to ensure that the vehicle owner can enter and exit unimpeded.
Image comparison function
High-resolution cameras are used to automatically capture when the vehicle enters the venue, the image is natural, clear and bright, ultra-low illumination, adaptable to the environment with low illumination, and the self-developed filter automatic switching technology (by taking pictures when the car enters and exits, so as to manually Image comparison, judge and identify whether the vehicle belongs to the same vehicle, reduce the occurrence of vehicle theft and other incidents)
Anti-smashing\scratching function
The special infrared or ultrasonic technology is used to cooperate with the vehicle detector to realize the function of preventing people and vehicles, that is, when a person or a vehicle is under the barrier, the brake lever will not fall when approaching the sensing area. After the person or vehicle leaves, the brake lever will automatically fall.
How do packing ticketing system work?

Entrance equipment and process
When the temporary car enters the parking lot, the vehicle detection coil located under the lane detects the arrival of the car, and the panel display of the card issuer at the entrance lights up to prompt the driver to press the button to take the card. The driver presses the button, and the card issuer in the card issuing machine sends an IC card, which is sent to the card outlet through the card input machine, and the card reading process is completed. At the same time, the entrance camera is activated to record an image of the vehicle, and according to the corresponding card number, it is stored in the computer image database of the exit toll collection. After the driver takes the card, the electric railing will lift the railing to release the vehicle, and the railing will be lowered automatically after the vehicle passes the vehicle detection coil.
When the monthly rental card vehicle enters the parking lot, the vehicle detection coil located under the driveway detects the arrival of the vehicle, and the driver swipes the monthly rental card within 10 cm of the induction area of the entrance ticket box panel, and the IC card reader in the ticket box reads it. The characteristics and relevant information of the card are determined to be valid; if valid, the entrance camera is activated to record an image of the vehicle, and according to the corresponding card number, it is stored in the computer database of the exit toll collection. The electric railing will release the vehicle, and the vehicle will automatically put down the railing after passing the vehicle detection coil; if it is invalid, the light will alarm and admission will not be allowed.
Export equipment and process
The export part is mainly composed of export card reader, electric railing, charging display screen, vehicle detection equipment, walkie-talkie, and color camera.
When the temporary car leaves the parking lot, at the exit, the driver will hand over the IC card of the parking lot to the toll collector, and the computer at the exit will automatically transfer the entrance and exit images according to the recorded information of the IC card, conduct manual comparison, and automatically calculate the fee to be paid, and pass The toll display shows, prompting the driver to pay the toll. After the toll collector has confirmed the charge and the image comparison is correct, press the confirm button, and the electric railing will rise. After the vehicle passes the vehicle detection coil buried under the lane, the electric railing automatically falls, and the charging computer records the vehicle information into the payment database.
When the monthly rental card vehicle leaves the parking lot, the vehicle detection coil located under the driveway detects the arrival of the vehicle, and the driver swipes the monthly rental card within 10 cm of the induction area of the exit ticket box panel, and the IC card reader in the ticket box reads it. Take the characteristics of the card and the relevant IC card information to judge its validity; at the same time, the computer at the toll office automatically calls out the entrance image for manual comparison. After the toll collector confirms that it is correct and the monthly rental card is valid, the electric railing will open the railing to release the vehicle. After the vehicle sensor detects the passage of the vehicle, the railing will fall automatically; if it is invalid, the alarm will be issued and the vehicle will not be released.
control center
The equipment of the charging control office is composed of charging control computer, UPS, report printer, operation console, manual button for entrance, manual button for exit, voice prompt system and voice intercom system.
The operator is responsible for the management and charging of temporary cards, monthly cards and special cards through the charging control computer. Through the image comparison and recognition function, the recognition and reading and writing time of the model and the license plate are reduced, and the speed of the traffic flow of vehicles is improved. The image comparison is used in conjunction with the ID card to completely achieve the purpose of anti-theft vehicles. In and out of image archives, eliminating falsely reported free vehicles. "One car, one card": Strictly control the behavior of cardholders entering and leaving the parking lot. , carries out intelligent management of entrances and exits, is also responsible for issuing corresponding control signals to the report printer, and at the same time completes the functions of yard data collection and download, query and print reports, statistical analysis, system maintenance and monthly rental card sales.
Inlet manual button, outlet manual button
Mainly for the intelligent control of the entrance and exit gates, it can carry out three functions of lifting, releasing and stopping. The voice prompt system and the voice intercom system are only friendly prompts for the communication and charging between the operator and the driver. It is the service function of the system to achieve a more comprehensive


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