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Sintronic technology leads the new development of Parking Control System

The 2021 government work report mentioned that the use of market-based mechanisms to encourage enterprise innovation. Strengthen the dominant position of enterprise innovation, encourage leading companies to form innovative consortia, expand channels for integration of industry, university, research and use, improve the property rights incentive mechanism for scientific and technological achievements, improve the regulatory system and development policy of venture capital, and promote mass entrepreneurship innovation in depth.

As a leading enterprise in the domestic smart parking industry, Jieshun Technology has always regarded technological innovation as the driving force for enterprise development. After continuous transformation and upgrading, Jieshun Technology has formed an all-ecological business model with two wings of "smart hardware + platform + operation", and continues to make efforts to build a smart parking ecosystem. In 2020, it will continue to achieve high performance growth.

Zhao Yong, general manager of Jieshun Technology, said, "Jieshun Technology has achieved 12% annual continuous R&D investment. The company has obvious advantages in technical service capabilities and enhanced product and service competitiveness. The company has complete independent research and development capabilities and independent knowledge of intelligent video recognition technology. Property rights, and establish a deep learning AI architecture, and maintain the continuous upgrade of self-developed algorithms. In the future, the platform and ecological capabilities will be further strengthened, and the strategic transformation of the company will be deepened."

At the beginning of last year’s epidemic, Jieshun Technology comprehensively upgraded the “unattended” and “cloud hosting” services for the epidemic prevention needs of car dealers and pedestrians, launched Tianqi’s “AI Brain” intelligent quarantine application function, and provided free intelligent epidemic prevention and control services for smart networked car parks. ; At the same time, the introduction of face recognition access control with masks + AI temperature measurement access control products has become the first batch of domestic models of "anti-epidemic with science and technology".

In addition, this year’s government work report mentioned that “coordinating and advancing the construction of traditional and new infrastructure” “increase parking lots, charging piles, power stations and other facilities” “accelerate the pace of digital society construction, improve the level of digital government construction, and build Good digital ecology, building a digital China".

Zhao Yong said that this is a boost to the smart parking industry, and the industry will usher in new opportunities for development. Jieshun Technology will make use of its product technology and scale advantages of smart parking business to provide industry-leading on-street and off-street integrated urban smart parking solutions for key cities across the country, and contribute to the construction of new infrastructure and digital China.


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